Red Team Service

The Red Team Talsoft TS allows to simulate an agent that makes attacks on corporate systems contemplating vectors of attacks at a digital, physical and human level of the company, persistence is carried out over time, privilege escalation in corporate systems and even alteration and theft of strategic information for the business, in the same way that an intruder would do it but in an ethical manner, with prior authorization and agreement of a confidentiality agreement.

The Red Team Talsoft TS periodically reports discoveries, so that you will always be aware of the progress on the operation of the client’s defense team.

The investment made by the company with our services, minimizes the loss of money and maximizes profits, even when cyber attacks occur. It will increase its image, prestige, loyalty because it will protect confidential information and the relationship with customers, investors, suppliers.

We guarantee that with our services, you will be able to control and know the state of the computer security of your company and concentrate on the growth and prosperity of your business. Our professionals work in a traditional way, in the same way as an intruder but in an authorized way. Computer security experts will be available to help you in responding to incidents and taking decisions in a personalized way.


CAT (Cyber Attack Taxonomy)


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Very grateful, a very professional service and with immediate results on a very sensitive issue, such as computer security.

David Castañeda

Proyectos Millennium

“We were receiving attacks on our website, from the moment we contacted Talsoft they attended us instantly and were involved in solving the problem, what impressed me the most was their availability and determination to help us solve the problem.”

Rodrigo Alfaro

CEO, Gemforce

“They delivered a quality service and accommodated the project delivery times, as they were quite limited.”


“Very easy to contact Talsoft, either by mail or skype, communication was very fast. With regard to vulnerability scanning, very satisfied with the tool.”

Carlos Bergia

SysAdmin, Wcentrix

“With your consulting services we managed to improve the computer security of our systems, allowing us to reach a level of excellence and thus certify PCI-DSS.”

Ricardo May

Nexuscom Arg.

Why control and know the computer security of your company?

The main consequences for your business in a computer attack, causes loss of money, information theft, image / reputation damage, legal problems.